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If you want to learn everything about low carb cooking, low carb diets, and the benefits of eating low carb foods, this is your go-to online magazine.

Low Carb Cooking started as an Instagram account to show off the freshly cooked meals by Dylan Bennet. Mr Bennet was no chef when everything started, he was working as a packer at a local supermarket.

He was no chef, but he loved cooking. He also loved being healthy. So long story short, he learned everything he could about low carb cooking, low carb foods, and low carb diets.

Social Media to a Business

Bennet then started showing off some low carb cooking videos with corresponding recipes. To his surprise, his followers went from 300 to more than 7,000 in one week. There were a lot of comments asking him to write a blog about it and that is what he did.

The blog then turned into a weekly magazine and that magazine turned out to be one of the biggest online magazines about food and diets in the Wellington region in New Zealand.

The magazine now has more than 20,000 readers all over the region and Bennet now has a team of talented content creators. Bennet and his team publish feature articles centred on low carb diets and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle for all.